Entry #1


2011-07-26 12:52:43 by xSoundstreamx

Hello newgrounders,

Just wanted to let people know i am going to make an album.
Right now im still writing stuff and some songs are already here on newgrounds, but nothing is in its final stage yet, some are almost but nothing is fully finished yet.
Going to try and promote my songs more and more, also not yet cause im still making the songs and figuring some things out.

So just so ya all know !!

Greetz Soundstream



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2011-09-23 05:30:28

Love your work , looking forward to hearing more of it !

xSoundstreamx responds:

thanks teddy !


2012-02-23 22:26:05

awesome man, so are you in a band or do you do everything yourself?
looking forward to it!

xSoundstreamx responds:

Yeah im in some bands, but the music over here thats all me drums guitar everything ! glad you like it maaannn !!