Update !

2012-10-13 06:08:35 by xSoundstreamx

Heyy guys,

My new profile with a new song is here :

Facebook :

Just so you know ! ;)


Remixess and video clip !

2012-03-08 06:23:29 by xSoundstreamx

Update !

Been going true some difficult times and also busy times, so now finally im going to really get this out of the dirt.
Im going to shoot a video clip probably for my track mindshade soon !
And also i am going to remix and replay my songs for the album.
Aaaanndd ofcourse i am currently looking for musicians to form a band .. you know for live performances.
Just so you know.

(new song coming up by the way)


2011-07-26 12:52:43 by xSoundstreamx

Hello newgrounders,

Just wanted to let people know i am going to make an album.
Right now im still writing stuff and some songs are already here on newgrounds, but nothing is in its final stage yet, some are almost but nothing is fully finished yet.
Going to try and promote my songs more and more, also not yet cause im still making the songs and figuring some things out.

So just so ya all know !!

Greetz Soundstream